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F.A.Q.    Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy something?
Login with your Cfx.re account and add anything to your cart and checkout with any of the payment methods allowed by Tebex.  

I bought something but how do I download it?
To download anything you purchased first check your email for confirmation of purchase, then you will be sent an email guiding you to the keymaster, and or a direct download link in the email.  If you see a confirmation that you purchased something but you don't see the download make sure to check the collapsed messages in the email.  

I bought something but did not receive any emails.  
If you have purchased something but not received an email you may have typed your email wrong. If you purchased something that is on the keymaster you can go to the keymaster and see if you have received the asset.  If you don't see any emails, and you have nothing in your keymaster you can open a ticket and we will resolve the issue.  

How do I install the weapons?
Simply follow this tutorial
FluffyMods FiveM Mod Install Tutorial

How do I get the weapon Menu?
You can get it by joining the Discord and claiming your customer role or opening a ticket and posting your order id.  Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes to receive your roles.  If you have not received your roles after 10 minutes of joining and claiming your role open a ticket.  

The resource will not start, it says "You lack the required entitlement to use (ResourceName)"
This means the asset in the keymaster is on the wrong account. Anything in the keymaster needs to be on the same Cfx.re account that owns the server key. You can transfer the asset to any account in the keymaster, but be carful you can only transfer an asset ONCE.  If you accidently transfer it to the wrong account or need to transfer it again you can contact CFX support to get it reset to your original account.  

I followed the installation, and I installed everything correctly but it crashes me when I spawn the weapons.
If this is happening to you and you are 100% sure you installed everything correctly redownload the asset from the keymaster and install it again.  Sometimes when the keymaster has outage issues, or your internet has a connection issue mid download it may corrupt the files.  

Can I get a refund?
I have a no refund policy, under strict circumstances, I can offer a refund, so if you feel like you should be refunded you can open a ticket in the Discord

The gun does not work with "police notifications" "bleeding script" "police reports" etc
For any scripts like these they will have their own configs with variables that you need to change, so make sure to add the weapon spawn name to any scripts like these if it does not work.  

The guns are crashing every time I pull them out.
Any escrowed/keymastered assets cannot be merged and have on the cfx account that owns the server key.  

Can I merge the resources?
Any of the non-escrowed assets can be merged, but any that use escrow cannot be merged.

I get errors in the console when I set up the weapon menu.
This is because you did not set up the database properly.  The menu will still work without it, just not the loadouts.  

Do the weapons work with qb/esx?
Yes, everything works with any server.

Do you do custom orders/commissions?

FAQ is still WIP